Our Vision: Young parents who succeed and healthy, thriving children.
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About Us



Our Mission

The mission of St. Mary's Home is to build on the strengths of young pregnant women, young moms and dads and their children, so they gain the support, knowledge and skills needed to have a healthy pregnancy and birth and to become successful parents raising healthy, happy children.


Our Commitment
St. Mary's Home is committed to providing comprehensive services, advocacy and programs for young pregnant women, young moms and dads and their children. These are offered in a safe and respectful environment and in partnership with the community. 


Our Values

The following set of values guides our work:


RESPECT means that every individual has worth and dignity.  Our approach is based on equality, fairness and teamwork.


TRUST is a very important part of our work. Relationships built on integrity and compassion lay the foundation of trust. We are committed to providing an atmosphere where trust can develop and grow.


ACCEPTANCE means a non-judgmental approach in supporting young people in life choices and experiences.


STRENGTH-BASED means we build on the strength and abilities of young moms and dads and their children.


INCLUSION means we promote an anti-discriminatory approach helping young women and men from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.


PARTNERSHIPS in the community are central to our programs and services.


EFFECTIVENESS means we use creative approaches and best practices as we work towards positive results that are measurable.


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Our Vision: Young parents who succeed and healthy, thriving children.
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