Our Vision: Young parents who succeed and healthy, thriving children.
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About the Residence

What is the St. Mary's Home Residential Program?

The St. Mary's Home Residential Program is the only licensed residence in Eastern Ontario for young pregnant women, young moms and their newborn infants. It is also the only program of its kind in Ontario that provides services in both English and French. 

The teenaged girls and young women who stay with us are usually from the Ottawa area and other parts of Eastern Ontario but we also have young moms-to-be and moms from other parts of the province.

All young women -- of all cultures and religions -- are welcome. Up to 15 young women and 5 newborn infants can live in the residence at one time. Every year, the program helps around 60 young women and their infants. 

The Residential Program offers much more than a place to live during your pregnancy and the first three or four months after your baby is born.  It can provide you with the support you need at a challenging time in your life:

Here you will receive a lot of support and help throughout your pregnancy and in the early months of your infant's life. 

Our caring staff is here to guide you and to give you advice when you need it. If you have problems, you can talk to us.  

You will be able to share your feelings and experiences with other young women who are going through the same kind of change in their lives.

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Our Vision: Young parents who succeed and healthy, thriving children.
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