Our Vision: Young parents who succeed and healthy, thriving children.
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Teachable Moment Study

St. Mary’s Home conducted research and produced a report called “The Teachable Moment” that documented the issues of addiction and substance use among pregnant teens in all maternity homes across Ontario in 1990.


This research highlighted the significance of substance use and misuse and paved the way for development of programs to support pregnant youth in having a substance-free pregnancy, greatly improving the health of the infant.


Today much more is known about the devastating effects of alcohol on the unborn child and about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) as a completely preventable tragedy.  Programs and services available the Teen Parent/Child Outreach Centre are directed at reducing the incidence of FASD among the children of teen parents.


“The Spiral of Growth” a sequel study completed in 1994, provided guidance to revising the residential program, aimed at supporting clients in decision-making for healthy lifestyle changes.


2016 Graduation: Immaculata Achievement Centre at SMH

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GRADUATION - Immaculata Achievement Centre
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Our Vision: Young parents who succeed and healthy, thriving children.
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